I’m Back!

Soph and arthur
Mammy and son!

So I’ve been really quiet for a little (long) while. Not to make excuses but being a single mam with a full time job doesn’t leave much spare time. But on top of that I’ve been launching my new business.

Let’s have a catch up.

My last blog was back in January where I set myself 4 goals. Let’s see how I’m getting on with them.

  1. Get organised.

Well I must say I think I am a little more organised. But how organised can one be with a toddler destroying the house every second? Since being back at work full time (January) I have had to make more of an effort to be organised and I feel like I’m starting to get a good routine going for myself that fits around Arthur’s routine.

2. Loose weight.

Haha. So I stopped going to Slimming World to save myself some time. I said to myself, “I know what I need to do, I can just do it myself.” This obviously didn’t work. I’ve been running now and then (more then than now) but I’m almost back to the weight I was when I started Slimming World the first time. Whoops!

3. Take more care in my appearance.

Well I could argue this. I went on holiday to France so before I went I got my hair done (first time since before I had Arthur), eye lashes (semi permanent by my friend down the street), and eye brows waxed (went to a posh spa and they burnt my eyelids and ripped quite a bit of skin off, hopefully it won’t scar). I’m using the eyelashes as an excuse not to wear makeup. So I am taking more care, I just need to keep on top of it now.

4. Socialise more.

Well this hasn’t happened. Full time work, single mam, business start up. Need I say more? Although I did meet a friend for dinner last week. She lives 5 minutes away and it’s the first time I’d seen her since Christmas.


Did anyone else set themselves goals this year? I’d love to know how you are getting on with them! There’s still time to make a change. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.


I’ve got loads planned for this blog. I want to share my new business, family meal ideas, updates on Arthur, things to do with an almost 2 year old and general single mum life.


Speak soon!

Sophie x



2018 Goals


Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I have been rather quiet on my blog, vlog, social media over the first festive period since my mam died. I concentrated on spending time with my family and trying to relax. Although Arthur has been up at 4am every day so I feel like I need another week off work to recover.

Today I am going to write down my goals for 2018 and share them with you. If they are written down it will hold me accountable for them.

2017 was one of the best (a full year with my little Arthur) but also the worst as my mam sadly passed away, aged 55, in March.

So I’ve set myself some important goals for 2018 in the hope that I can get my life back on track and be happy again. I will never be able to move on and it will never become easier. But I am slowly learning how to cope with the tragic loss.

Goal 1 – Get organised.

Now it’s January I am back to work full time after only going back 3 days after my maternity leave ended. I also have a 1 year old and I’m a single parent. I have been sssooooo stressed out about how I’m going to manage as Arthur only goes to nursery 3 mornings a week and I think the only thing I can do is get organised. This means writing everything down in my diary, getting Arthur’s clothes, nursery bag etc packed the night before. Planning meals and writing shopping lists. Tidying as I go. Ironing as I go. I also got a Google Home for Christmas which is great at reminding you to do stuff and telling to write shopping lists for you. If anyone has any hints and tips for me please comment below and help me out.

Goal 2 – Loose weight

After having Arthur just over a year ago and then loosing my mam and eating takeaways after getting home from the hospice every night for quite a while I am still not back to my pre pregnancy self. So goal #2 is to get back to my pre pregnancy weight and tone up. I started Slimming World in June last year and I am already well on my way but dreading the post Christmas weigh in on Thursday.

Goal 3 – Take more care in my appearance

This may sound vein but I have found myself in a habit of throwing on the first clothes I find, tying my hair on my head and heading out the door with no makeup on. I’m not one to care much about appearance. I get my hair cut once every 6 months and my face/eyebrows/eyelashes are all my own. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have the time to go and get my eyelashes done, my brows shaped and waxed and my hair cut and dyed a lot more regularly, but I really don’t have time. But over the Christmas holidays (when my sister has been home to watch Arthur while I get ready instead of him pulling at my leg while I’m brushing my teeth) I have taken an extra 10 minutes every day to put a little makeup on and run the straighteners through my hair and I have felt a lot better for it. And after the year I’ve had, I’m up for anything to feel a bit better.

Goal 4 – Socialise more

As a single mum I don’t get out….at all. I have no husband to stay home and look after Arthur while I go for a pint of milk, never mind a night out. But I do realise that I do need to socialise a bit more. So I am going to invite friends over for dinner every now and then after Arthur goes to bed. I am also going to try and find a single parenting group where I can meet up with other single parents and their little ones. Finally, I am going to ask my dad to baby sit one Saturday night every month and go out for dinner with my friends. I can’t handle a night out with a toddler to contend with on my own the next day with a hangover (and I am such a lightweight that my hangovers are horrendous) so going for dinner after Arthur is asleep means I get out of the house, it won’t cut into my time with Arthur and I can really switch off.


So there you have it. My 4 goals for 2018. I hope that by making a conscious effort to stick to these that I will feel happier, be healthier, be more relaxed and not feel like I’m just getting by. I hope they give me a purpose and something to make me feel proud of myself. What are your goals? I’d love to hear them!

What I bought on Amazon Nov/Dec

We all love Amazon right? Here is what I bought in November and December.

Xtra-Funky Range iPhone 7 / 7 PLUS AUX Headphone Jack Adapter cable – White

iPhone 7 doesn’t have anywhere to plug headphones in so I got a little cable for it instead. Only £2.99!



CrazyGadget® 42L 42 Litre Large Flexi Tub Garden Home Flexible Colour Rubber Storage Container Bucket – MADE IN U.K. (Without Lid, Sky Blue)

I’m using this as toy storage. It fits loads of toys in and it’s easy to just throw everything in at the end of the day and pop behind the couch.



2Dymo S0717930 Omega Home Embossing Label Maker – Blue

I don’t know why but I just wanted a label maker. 2018 is going to be an organised year so I figured this will help.



Dymo Embossing Tape Self-Adhesive, 9 mm x 3 m – Assorted Colour, Pack of 3

Refills for label maker. It actually came with one already in.




100pcs Gift Tags/Kraft Hang Tags with Free Cut Strings for Gifts Crafts and Price Tags Scalloped Tag Style Color Rectangular With Heart

I love these. They are handy to have in for Christmas/Birthdays/Christenings or pretty much any other gift.

£1.69 for 100.




Owl- ruler growth chart

This is to wrap up for Arthur for Chritmas. I wanted to start this on his 1st birthday but totally forgot about it.




Flash Powermop Starter Kit

I have a cream, shiny tile floor all through the downstairs of the house and as you can imagine with a 13 month old who feeds himself it is ssssooooooo hard to keep clean. I’m sick of filling mop buckets up every day. I saw this on Sarah-Jayne Fregola’s YouTube channel and it looked fab and very easy to use.




The routine of a 12month old!

6.30am Wake up

6.40am Think my mam hasn’t realised I’m awake (I have but just can’t drag myself out of bed) so I better start screaming)

6.41am – My mam has come in and stripped me off to change my nappy. I really want some milk and woul rather sit in a heavy, wet nappy so I can have it sooner. I better kick up a massive fuss so she knows.

6.45am – That didn’t actually take that long and we are heading downstairs. Finally, I get a massive drink of milk.

6.50am – Finsihed my milk really qiock and want more so scream.

6.55am – Mam has given me some more milk but I’ve just realised I don’t want it anymore.

7am – I just did a massive poo. Told you my mam should have waited to change my nappy because now she’s going to have to out up with me screaming while she changes it because I want to play.

7.05am – WOW! A clean nappy feels so much better. Now play time. My favourite toy is the remote control and a packet of baby wipes.

8am – Breakfast time. Today I’m having Weetabix, Banana and toast. I eat it all as quick as I can because my mam pretends to eat it and it’s just not a fun game.

8.30am – I want a cuddle so I’m following my mam arounf the kitchen pulling at her leg. She pciks me up and I realise I don’t want a cuddle so I wriggle to get down. Then my mam sits down with her breakfast and I decide I actually do want a cuddle now.

8.45am – Upstairs with mam while she gets ready. I love pulling the toilet roll like they do on that advert with the dogs.

9am – I think my mam needs a coffee

9.30am – In the car. I wonder where we are going.

9.40 – YYYEEESSSSSSSSS! I’m on my Trike and not in my pushchair. I love these days. When I throw myself backwards and forwards I go faster (he thinkg he makes it go himself) but my mam holds on to the pole at the back to slow me down. Spoilt sport.

9.50 – This is so much fun! My mam keeps saying ‘Brum brum’ and I am copying her. My hands are getting cold though. Maybe that’s why she keeps putting them things on my hands but I just keep throing them away.

10am – In the coffee shop. I am having an orange and my mam is drinking that hot black stuff and eating something the same colour. If I stare at her long enough she might give me a taste.

10.01 – It worked! It was chocolate cake! I wish she’d let me eat this for every meal time.

10.20am – Bank on my trike. Brum brum.

10.30am – We are going so far today. We have gone the length of the whole sea.

11am – Walking back to the car now. I don’t want to go home.

11.30am 0 Back home and I’m so excited for my dinner. I’m having beef stew and vegetables.

12noon – That was so nice. I had a yoghurt for pudding.

1pm – nap time. All that sea air got me tired.

Check back next week for my afternoon routine!

Love Arthur 🙂




I feel like I have totally neglected my blog and vlog over the last week or so. The reason….I have a teething 1 year old who just won’t be out down. Luckily, he’s just gone for a nap and up to now all is quiet but I’m not holding my breath that he will stay that way for long.

Arthur has had a really tough few months. It all started at the beginning of October when he had Croup. The cough still hasn’t 100% gone and he’s been on and off with a cold since then. Then he had his 12 month injections last Friday which knocked him to pot for about a week. Just when he got over that his molars have decided it’s time they start niggling their way through.

So what do I do when teething starts? Well, there’s nothing much you can do. My wisdom tooth came through a few weeks ago and I was up all night taking pain killers and stealing Arthur’s Anbesol so what chance does a baby have? I wish I could take it away.

Now it’s his molars he’s the worst he’s ever been and he has a sore bum and is running a bit of a temperature (38.8). Regular Calpol, Anbesol and Ashton & Parsons powders is the only thing to take the edge off. It’s also handy to remember that they hurt more when they lie down. So when your little one goes to bed on a night don’t be surprised if they want to be picked up constantly. They just feel more comfortable when they are upright. Last night I had to prop myself up on lots of pillows and Arthur slept on me, tummy to tummy. I got no sleep at all but at least he was a touch more comfortable.

Now, all I can do is hope they come through quick. Poor baba!


A good deed for Christmas

In the build up to Christmas I always take a few minutes to think about those who are less fortunate. Last year should have been my best ever Christmas. Arthur was born 6 weeks earlier and I was in my own little bubble. It ended up being not as I had planned. 3 weeks before Christmas my mam was taken into hospital and then 1 week before Christmas we found out that her cancer had come back. The day we found this out, our family dog who we had for 14 years had a huge stroke and sadly we had to get her put to sleep.

My mam was discharged from hospital, just in time, and we finally put the Christmas decorations up on Christmas Eve. All of us just wanted it to be over. This year I am going to try so hard to make Christmas special and I’m starting some traditions for Arthur. But at the same time it is out first Christmas without our mam. The thought just kills me.

So, brining me back to the title of this blog…A good deed for Christmas. Every Christmas my mam would donate to charity on behalf of my sister and I. She would always say they need the extra money more than we needed the extra gifts. And she was right. This is something I want to continue and do for Arthur. Of course I’ve got him some presents but now I feel like I’m almost finished, but not quite, buying for him. So I have stopped and donated the rest of the money to St Benedict’s Hospice Christmas Appeal in my mams memory. They did a fantastic job looking after my mam and if I can help 1 other family then I will be a lot happier this Christmas. Because I have donated to the Christmas Appeal they have sent me a card with my mams name on and we are going to their ‘Light Up A Life’ Carol Service on Sunday where the Christmas Tree lights will be switched on.

I have also been getting a lot of messages from friends asking if Arthur wants or needs anything for Christmas. Truth is, he doesn’t. It was his birthday in November and he has ssssooooooo many toys (half he doesn’t play with) and a wardrobe full of brand new clothes. So instead, I have asked them all to donate £5 to the hospice as well. I emailed the hospice to tell them what I was doing and asked them if they could print a certificate for Arthur once all donations have been made. I plan to do this every year and then when Arthur’s old enough and we talk about my mam, I can show him all of his certificates and tell him how he helped.

Here are some other ideas for a good deed at Christmas:

  1. Post a message on Social Media saying you are not sending Christmas Cards out this year and instead donating the money to charity (something else my mam started doing).
  2. When buying your children presents, spend £10 less on them and donate it to charity.
  3. If buying Christmas cards, get them from a charity or select the ones where a % of profits is donated to charity.
  4. Do you know someone down the street with no family and who lives alone? I know I do!!! Why not send them a Christmas card? Or buy them a £2 box of chocolates? Or take them a piece of Christmas Cake? Knock on their door instead of pushing it through the letter box. It will take 2 minutes, cost next to nothing and it will mean the world.
  5. You know your children will be getting lots of new toys for Christmas so why not have a clear out before hand and donate the old toys to a charity? There’s loads of other places you can donate toys too. I give Arthur’s to the hospice. They have a play room for children to go to when they are visiting. It’s such a scary place for a child so a playroom they can go to and be a child again is just amazing.

All of the above are either free, or cost a few pounds. I will be doing everything on the list this year. Who’s in?

Imagine if everyone did 1 good deed this Christmas!

Getting rid of a cold!



Any one who follows my Vlogs or on Instagram and Facebook will know we are having a bit of a tough time. Arthur had Croup over 6 weeks ago and I ended up in A&E twice with him. Ever since he has had a cough and a cold that keeps coming and going. I’ve done pretty well in avoiding it (even though Arthur loves putting his dummy in my mouth) until this week. And my god have I caught it this week.

It started on Saturday when I was at Motorcycle Live in Birmingham. And by Sunday I felt ssssooooooooo rough. Sunday night I went to bed at 8pm and I was still awake at 3.30am coughing. I was actually sick from coughing so much. I took paracetamol, cough medicine, rubbed Viks on my chest and put my head over a steamy bowl of Olbas Oil and NOTHING made me feel any better.

I got up on Monday morning and Arthur was actually a lot better but I felt dreadful. I dropped Arthur off at nursery and I was working from home. Before I started work I tried to get rid of the germs in the house to finally beat this cycle of colds and coughs in the house. Here is what I did:

  1. Used antibacterial wipes on all touch points throughout the house. These included door handles (inside and outside) light switches, plug switches, kitchen doors, taps, oven handles, baby gate. You get the idea.
  2. Cleaned bathrooms from top to bottom. The bathrooms are generally cleaned a few times a week anyway but I was on my hands and knees and scrubbed every inch of every bathroom.
  3. Washed everyone’s bedding. Again!
  4. Washed Arthur cot. He stands up in it and bites it.
  5. Put clean towels, tea towels and hand towels out. Again!
  6. Opened the windows for an hour. It’s surprising what some good fresh air can do.
  7. Cleaned the door handles on steering wheel of the car.
  8. Cleaned the leather couch.

As you can see, I was on a mission. I’ve also been making sure Arthur and I are getting plenty of Vitamin C and drinking lots of water. Every day I am going to continue to walk around with the antibacterial wipes because I still feel awful.

Has anyone else got any ideas of how to beat the winter cough and cold?

Things to do with a 1 year old!


Entertaining a 12 month old can be quite hard work. In the last 6 weeks Arthur’s had Croup and constant colds and coughs so we’ve been trying to get as much fresh air as possible to try and get rid of all the germs and to (hopefully) help him sleep better on a night.

Here are my top things to do:

  1. Get wrapped up on go for a big walk with Arhur’s trike.

So I wanted to get Arthur a trike for his birthday last week and they were all a fortune. I was looking at the ones with a 5 point harness and comfy seat and a little cover thing for sun/rain protection. Then I saw one in Decathlon for £27.99 and got him a little helmet to go with it. Truth is he absolutely loves it so I’m so glad I didn’t spend a fortune on one. I didn’t think he would sit on it that long but he actually cried when I lifted him off it after an hour! The pictures are on his birthday weekend with his Granda, Uncle Patrick and Auntie Tatie (Katie).

2. Find some free/cheap baby groups.

Chances are your local church hall has a baby/toddler group where they ask for £1 and you get a free cuppa. If nor check your local Sure Start Centre. There’s also an app called ‘Hoop’ that lists all sorts of thing that’s going in in your area.

3. Messy play.

If you value your carpet/flooring you need a big plastic sheet for this. Or alternatively I use Arthur’s paddling/ball pool. I put angel delight/edible paint/homemade slime or anything I can get my hands on and strip Arthur down to his nappy and just let him get messy. This is a great one in summer in the garden too.

4. Fun Shack

You will need paracetamol!!!!

Our local Fun Shack has a soft play area for 0-2 year olds. Arthur would rather be outside but it’s great on a rainy day.


5. Enrol in some adult and baby swimming lessons.

They don’t need to cost a fortune. I know some companies charge around £150 for 10 lessons but go online and find your local Everyone Active Centre. You sign up and pay 18.75 per month. This works out at approx. £4.30 per lesson and the group I go to is for babies aged 5-36months. Once they get to 36months they will just get moved into the next group. To go swimming on your own is £4 so I think this is really good value for money. Swimming is great for babies and drowning is one of the biggest causes of death in babies and toddlers so it’s a great idea to start swimming lessons ASAP.

6. Arrange a play date!

Talk to another mam every week at baby group? Ask her if she wants to come round for a coffee for an hour. Kids are a lot less work when they have another human the same size as them to play with. They might actually be distracted long enough for you to finish your coffee while it’s still hot.

If you don’t want to invite them over then arrange to meet in a park or at the Fun Shack. A bit of adult conversation now and then makes the day a hell of a lot easier!


So there you have it. My favourite things to do with my 12 month old.

5 tips for Single Mums!

Being a mum is hard work. Being a single mum and having a job is really hard going.

I only work 3 days a week at the moment but I’m going to be full time after Christmas and I am getting really terrible stress headaches from worrying about how I am going to manage.

At the moment Arthur goes to nursery every Monday and Tuesday morning so I can work. On an afternoon and Wednesdays I try to work from home. If I’m not then my dad has to look after him.

On a Thursday and Friday I do the food shopping, clean, tidy, iron, cook, go to a baby group, take Arthur for his weekly visit with his dad (which I have to stay for), visit my Grandparents, go to Slimming World and catch up on any work that I may have missed Mon-Wed if I was working from home and Arthur wouldn’t let me.

Then on a Saturday I take Arthur to his swimming lesson at 9am then go out somewhere for the day. Sometimes have a ride up Northumberland and go for a long walk, head into town, go for dinner, go to the park or anything to get some good fresh air and spend some quality time with Arthur.

Sunday is washing day. You’re going to laugh but I get free electricity on a Sunday (it’s just the tariff we are on) so I have in my head that I have to do ALL of the washing on a Sunday. I also cook a joint of ham and a chicken every week.

So with the above in mind I started thinking….HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO FIT AN EXTRA TWO FULL DAYS AT WORK IN???????

I needed to make some changes and try and free up some time. I have 6 weeks to sort it out so I am going to share some of the things I have done that have started to work for me. I by work I mean I have been doing this a week and already seen the benefits.

  1. Write a meal plan


I was sick of dinner time coming around and eating the crappiest meal ever because I had nothing to make a decent one. I don’t mean crap as in unhealthy, but like having some veg and a boiled egg because I hadn’t taken any meat out of the freezer. You get the idea. So every Sunday night I am going to write out the weeks meals. This also ties in with my next point because from this you write your shopping list.

2. Do the weekly food shop online.


I hated the idea of weekly online food shops. I heard that they give you the stuff that’s about to go out of date and delivery is a fortune. Not true. I did my first online food shop this week and I am 100% going to continue to do it this way. The dates on everything was fine and I opted for the 8pm-9pm delivery time (Arthur would be in bed and not crawling around my feet and pulling everything out of the cupboards as I put them away) and it was £2. It costs more in petrol to drive to the supermarket and back.

After I’ve wrote my meal plan, I write a shopping list. And I buy what’s on the list and nothing else. Not only am I saving time but I’m saving a fortune as well.

So far I have spent 30 minutes writing my meal plan, shopping list and ordered the food to be delivered the next night.

3. Spend 5 minutes each night planning the next day.


Get the nursery bag packed. Get your work bag packed. Get clothes out for yourself and baby. Pack the nappy bag.

Going out for the day? Make the packed lunch and put it in the fridge!

Going swimming the following morning? Pack the swimming bag and leave it at the front door!

Look on your meal plan and get anything you need from the freezer out to defrost.

I’m not joking, 5 minutes every night saves a lot of running around, stress and breakdowns the next morning.

4. Write a to do list and write EVERYTHING in your diary.

I have a note pad that I call ‘Sophie’s Brain.’ Everything I need to do goes in there. It’s an ongoing to do list. What bills I need to pay, appointments I need to make, birthday cards I need to buy, Christmas presents I need to buy, things I need to post, what I’m writing my next blog about, what I’m filming my next Vlog about…you get the idea. I run this alongside my diary. If something’s not in my notebook or in my diary I will forget about it.



5. Don’t let life get in the way of what’s important…precious time with your baby!

Easier said than done and this is coming from a major stress head but try not to stress it. What’s the worst that’s going to happen if you’re 5 minutes late to the nursery drop off? Or you do eat veg with a boiled egg for dinner because you forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer in time. Or your baby’s t-shirt doesn’t match his trousers because the washing hasn’t dried? Nothing will happen!